One Day Guru Sahib had a meeting with Raja Medini Parkash, the Raja of Nahan, and Raja Fateh Shah, the Raja of Garhwal. A villager from the nearby village approached them and made a humble request to save the lives of the villagers from a man eater lion, who had killed many villagers. No one had dared to face and kill the lion till now.

On the request of this villager the Garib Niwaj Sri Guru Gobind Rai (Dasham Pitah) undertook a combing operation along with both Rajas and their soldiers. The Guru reached under the tree of Beheda (inside the campus of Gurudwara Shergah Sahib in the present day) where the lion was, in his habitat (present Bhoren Sahib wali than). It was very old and dangerous.

Guru Ji made a plan to kill the lion. The lion saw the Guru and bowed his head down and moved his tail like a dog. Guru Ji told the lion "Being a lion, you are behaving like a jackal, why are you disgracing the pride of lions? Be a lion." (Oh Gidi Siyar, Sher ho ke Githeda wali chal phadi hoi hen, Kion shera di vans nu laj la rihan hen. Uth sher ban.) On hearing these words of Guru Ji, the lion stood up and roared dangerously.

The birds on the trees flew away, the wild animals ran away, the soliders and both the Rajas were frightend. In the flash a of second, the lion jumped and made a deadly attack on Guru Ji. Guru ji halted him, his left arm on the shield (dhal), by plunging his sword into the lion in such a way that the lion was cut into two pieces from the middle.